Nebula Scientific Limited Warranty

Device Warranty: Nebula Scientific, Inc. (“Nebula” or “Nebula Scientific”) Devices are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship during normal and customary use for a period of 90-Days from the date of original receipt. This warranty regarding Nebula Scientific Devices does NOT cover normal wear and tear. This warranty excludes damage resulting from abuse, accident, modifications ,or otherwise damaged through the act or neglect of the consumer or a third party. Nebula Scientific makes no warranties as to other parts with which such Devices may be combined, including, but not limited to, any bonding or connection between the Device and any other parts with which it is joined by a party other than Nebula Scientific. Nebula will replace any defective Devices with like-kind product. Reimbursement for the replacement of the contents/liquids (not formulated and provided by Nebula Scientific) of any cartridges used with the Device are excluded by this warranty.  


If a NEBULA SCIENTIFIC product is purchased from a seller other than an authorized NEBULA SCIENTIFIC retailer or reseller, the warranties set forth above do not apply, and in such event NEBULA SCIENTIFIC disclaims all warranties for such product, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. With respect to all NEBULA SCIENTIFIC products eligible for warranty pursuant to the terms stated above, any repaired or replacement product will be warranted from the date of purchase of the original product from an authorized NEBULA SCIENTIFIC retailer or reseller or directly from NEBULA SCIENTIFIC, not from the repair or replacement date. ALL WARRANTIES IMPLIED BY STATE LAW, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE LIMITED WARRANTIES SET FORTH ABOVE. There are no other warranties that extend beyond the warranties set forth above. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ANY WARRANTIES IMPLIED BY STATE LAW AS HEREBY LIMITED, THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, GUARANTIES, AGREEMENTS, AND SIMILAR OBLIGATIONS OF A MANUFACTURER OR SELLER OF GOODS. NEBULA SCIENTIFIC IS NOT LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF NEBULA SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTS. No person, agent, distributor, dealer, retailer, reseller or other third party is authorized to change, modify, or extend the terms of these warranties in any manner whatsoever. These warranties give you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


If a NEBULA SCIENTIFIC product is eligible for warranty pursuant to the terms and conditions stated above, NEBULA SCIENTIFIC, in its sole discretion, will (1) repair the defect; or (2) replace the defective product with the same or a comparable product. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED YOUR WARRANTED NEBULA SCIENTIFIC PRODUCT FROM AN AUTHORIZED NEBULA SCIENTIFIC RETAILER OR RESELLER, YOU MUST CONTACT THE ORIGINAL PLACE OF PURCHASE TO HANDLE ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS. All purchases made at an authorized NEBULA SCIENTIFIC retailer or reseller are to be brought directly to that particular retailer or reseller for evaluation, not NEBULA SCIENTIFIC. If you have purchased your warranted NEBULA SCIENTIFIC product directly from NEBULA SCIENTIFIC, please contact NEBULA SCIENTIFIC for a return materials authorization number at Once the NEBULA SCIENTIFIC Customer Support Department determines the product is eligible under the warranty set forth above, a “Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number” will be issued to you along with shipping instructions. The RMA Number must be visible on the exterior of the package containing the returned product in order to be physically received by the warehouse. Issuance of a RMA Number does not mean that NEBULA SCIENTIFIC will necessarily accept the warranty claim as valid; conditions which make a product ineligible for warranty may be identified upon NEBULA SCIENTIFIC’s receipt of the returned product. If you have any questions regarding the warranties described above, please contact your nearest authorized NEBULA SCIENTIFIC retailer or reseller or the NEBULA SCIENTIFIC Customer Support Department at